These are extra appealing components to the game. They are bonuses to the players and give them more possibilities to win. Most are pursued at the start of the game before the dealer draws the card. They have attractive faced odds pay-outs. When using Baccarat side bets, it offers more chances to reclaim the lost money. Always know which side bet to you in the game level.

Examples of baccarat pay-outs 

Below are the most famous side bets available and HOW TO PLAY บาคาร่า, byusing them.

Both red or both black 

The dealt player hand cards will consist of red cards, i.e., diamonds and hearts, or black cards, i.e., clubs and spades. A successful all red ‘bet’ has a pay-out ratio of 22:1, and for successful black bet pay-out ratio of 24:1

4-5-6 or big and small 

This bet is the total number of cards the banker and players hands will finish the round with. For a winning bet, four cards have a pay-out of 3:2 while for 5 or 6 cards has a pay-out of 2:1

Bellagio match 

This bet is determined with the banker’s hand getting three cards of the same rank. For a player hand, correct prediction pay-out is 75:1 while bankers hand pay-out is 68:1

Double 8

This bet comes to success if both the player and banker’s hand contains a value of 8. It has a pay-out of 15:1.

Egalite bets 

This bet means that to win, a tie, and both hands will have a specific value. The values have a different pay-outs ratio, e.g., 9 value pay-out 80:1 and for 1 value tie is 215:1

Lucky 8 /unlucky 8

Lucky 8 – it a prediction bet that the banker or player hand win the round with 8 value pay-out being 4:1

Unlucky 8 – it is the contract of lucky where the banker or player will lose the round via a hand of 8 value with a pay-out of 8:1

Lucky bonus/super 6

It entails that the banker will win the round through a hand with a value of 6. Its pay-out is 12:1

Lucky – it is similar to super 6 with a pay-out of 18:1. It is only valid if the player also wagers a banker bet on the same round with the highest limit of 10% of the banker bet placed. 

Same opening suit

With this bet, either player or banker’s opening hand 2 cards of the same suit. The pay-out is 2.87.1 for the player and 2.86:1 for the banker’s win.

Combined value bets 

This bet has various combined values of both the player and banker’s hand most famous is if both hands will have a total value of over or under 9.5 has pay-out of 1.66:1 or over 9.5 and 2.:1 for under 9.5

Also, the combined value of the two hands can be even or odd. For odd value, pay-out is 1.92:1. 

For combined value bet named quick has different pay-out.

18 pay-out 25:1




For value ranging between 4 and 14, it will be a lost bet.