Different Concept Telugu Films You Can’t-Miss Watching

There is always welcome to Different concept Telugu films whenever released. The movie of the Telugu industry has grown beyond the imagination in terms of quality and revenue generation. The Telugu films have got the reputation of the Indian fans due to star attraction and huge making. Many movies are made in line with the audience’s fascination. Unlike the olden days of cinema, nowadays many Telugu films have been attracting a lot of viewers. The major attraction of the cinema nowadays is the story, direction, and making. So, the producers are selective when they pick up the crew for the new film. The aha videos platform is nowadays releasing many new films for the expectations of the audience

The cinema lovers love watching Telugu films due to different genres like comedy, action, horror, sentiment, and horror movies. These movies attract an audience without fail because of the famous actors. The super hit movies of the Telugu film are released online for the audience who love film watching. Nowadays, due to the advent of technology, many films from other languages of south India are being dubbed to the Telugu language for the Telugu audience. The other words, super hit movies are having good demand in the Telugu industry, and hence they are continuously released.

The new concept is now followed in all languages, and hence they could able to attract the audience to the theater. The old formula is now evaporating due to the new features of new films. The audience likes the latest technology and hence the original films are found with unique features that attract the audience a lot. Only new methods and strategies are winning the tight race in the film industry. Exclusively, the Telugu industry is witnessing many super hit films due to the work of new directors and new heroes.

KanuluKanulanuDochayantea Telugu movie released in the year 2020. This film has gained the reputation of the audience a lot due to the new concept of the film. This film has earned the respect of the audience and hence yielded a considerable revenue to the producer. The story of the film is based on four friends,viz two boys, and two girls. The two gents among them are very high tech robbers because they steal others’ money using the latest technology. They are very freak and enjoy life with the money they borrow. One of the males falls in love with the other lady in the group. The four members were so thick in their relationship.

Once they decide to leave to Goa for stating a restaurant, once they reach Goa, the major twist occurs in the story. The twists are not imaginable and very interesting to watch. The behavior of the ladies and the males look entirely different after they reach Goa. The rest of the film deals with the winning habit of the four people. The rest is about their future and what they do to win a lump sum of cash from a big wig int the city. Indeed, the claims of the film are not usual and unique on the whole. Do not miss to watch this film in aha movies.