How towing trucks come to your rescue?

Towing truck and towing services are one of the most important aspects of traffic regulations. Whenever there is a car in the middle of the road which has broken down due to some reason. It is the tow trucks and Towing service (บริการรถลากจูง  , which is the term in Thai) that come forward in order to help you with reducing congestion on roads. Towing service providers are always there to help you to transport your car to your desired location. They help you transport your car on either a platform or just simply by dragging it down the road with the help of hook and chain.

What are the different types of tow trucks you may need?

If you look at the different types of tow trucks that are available for tow services you will find that there are basically four types of tow trucks. The first one is the hook and chain one which simply drags the car. This is not the safest type as accidents and damage may inflict upon the car when dragging on a road. The second type is the wheels up one. In this type, the front two wheels are lifted up and then the car is dragged on the road. This is safer as the tow truck remains in control of the car. The safest option for a tow truck, however, is the Slide-on car service (รถสไลด์รับจ้าง  , which is the term in Thai) which puts the car on an elevated platform behind the tow truck which guarantees the safety of the car. The last one is the heavy and big bike careers which are used to transport bikes and smaller vehicles from the road.

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