Role of baby clothes in their good health:

Babies have very sensitive skin, anything that could be accessory, lotion, oil even clothes can react on their body negatively and they can get rashes. So it is very important to take important care of them. Furthermore if we talk about Baby clothes [เสื้อผ้า เด็ก , which is the term in Thai] we should choose perfect clothes for them in order to avoid any bad health condition. As sometimes the fabric of cloth can let them suffer from skin Eczema and rashes. Baby clothes are the bodies source which can get most of illness. As clothes play in essential role in daily life and are considered as a basic need of any human. Clothes help humans to protect their bodies from different weather conditions that have danger reactions to human health. As babies are more sensitive and they get attacked by weather conditions very quickly. There are different type of clothes for babies that will have their body to be protective in certain weather conditions.

Protecting babies from sun rays:

Sun rays can burn half of the body and consider very dangerous for any individual body. But here as we specially categorizing babies it’s very important to choose right cloth for every weather condition. Clothes will help babies in disturbing direct contact with dangerous sun rays. Many people have problem to differentiate between buying clothes to the baby and buying good clothes for the baby both are two different topics and it is important to understand it properly. Despite having financial crisis every parent wants their baby to get best wear that can keep them save. Good clothes will help to avoid skin diseases.

Different clothes in different weather:

A responsible mother makes sure that their baby will get complete protection form disease or anything that causes discomfort to them. The use of clothes varies from weather to weather in cold place. They usually focus on making such clothes that will help a body to prevent from getting cold.