Safety Boots: What Is Safety Boots

The safety boots such as Thorogood work boots are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It is a must-use item for people who work in environments that risk injury or accident to their feet.

These shoes are used by professionals in the construction industry, industrial kitchens, chemical industries, assemblers, metallurgy, and factories in general. Also called safety boots, safety boots, or safety shoes, this equipment’s main function is to protect the feet against sharp objects, nails, slippery floors, heavy objects, among others.

The safety shoe is designed with resistant materials that range from the ideal fabric to steel toe caps and thicker soles to avoid accidents. We’ll talk about the making materials later in the Purchasing Criteria.

Safety shoe stepping on a nail.

Safety shoes are designed to prevent accidents with nails, for example, while working.

What standards should the safety shoe follow?

All this importance given to this shoe is not for nothing. The feet are among the parts of the body that suffer most from work accidents. Studies show that just last year, more than 39,000 work accidents were registered in the foot region.

What are the advantages of safety shoes?

As we have seen, the great advantage of safety shoes is that they are developed with specific materials and shapes to protect the feet while working.

Check out all the advantages of this mandatory safety equipment below:

  • Protection against impacts caused by falling objects.
  • Protection against thermal variation in the environment.
  • Protection against sharp and sharp objects.
  • Protection against electrical current and shock.
  • Protection against moisture, preventing feet from getting wet.
  • Protection against contact with chemical products, avoiding contamination and burns.

Due to the high protection, another great advantage of the safety shoe is that it leaves the professional free of worries to carry out their work with peace of mind. Although it has numerous advantages, we cannot mention the negative side of this safety equipment. The significant disadvantage of safety shoes is aesthetics and comfort.

Although it is already possible to find less coarse and more comfortable models nowadays, the common thing is that the best quality ones still leave the comfort and the designer aside.


Protection against falling, moisture, burning, and others

Allows the person to work more peacefully


  • not comfortable
  • effortless aesthetics

For protection against general risks and more comfort, the ideal is a safety shoe with a Polyurethane sole. But for those who work in contact with liquids, we recommend the PVC sole as it is more waterproof. On the other hand, if you work under constant exposure to high temperatures or with flammable products such as gasoline and solvents, the sole of your safety shoes should be made of nitrile, an oil-resistant type of rubber.