The most important technical aspect of a photograph- Light

Photography is a highly technical art form. It is perhaps the most technically appropriate art form to have ever existed. If you look at a picture taken by a professional you will instantly get to know about the technicalities. The technicalities of a photograph include light balance, shadow, and white balance, sharpness, etc. Apart from this, there are so many rules that one needs to keep in mind when clicking a photo. Like for example, there is a rule of thirds then there is the rule of double focus, etc. All these technicalities are the reason a photograph is judged on these parameters. But the most important aspect of a photograph is the light. The light has to be of the right amount. It is important because if you get too much light in a photograph it will feel like burnt and if you have too less then it will be dark. Thus striking the sweet spot between light and darkness is the key to a good photograph.

What are Lightroom presets and why do you need them?

However, when clicking a photograph in natural light, it gets almost impossible to get the right balance simply because you cannot control the natural light. Thus many editing software has been developed. These specially developed software work only on the light aspects. Amongst the options of light adjusting editing software, the best one out there is Lightroom. Lightroom is used by professionals mainly as it is one of the most advanced software. But what if a layman wants to use it? Well, the software has presets known as a lightroom preset that can help a rookie. These Lightroom presets are specially programmed editing options where you can simply apply them. This helps the rookie photographers as the need for manually editing the light of a photograph is bypassed. However, it becomes important that you know about the presets before getting into using them.

Know more about the lightroom presets from the online blog

Now photolemur has put up a detailed blog on their website where they have discussed in length about the lightroom presets. They discussed how the presets are different from one another and which one is the right one for a given photograph. So if you are willing to know about lightroom presets to make sure you do it on photolemur.