The Quarantine Diaries: Best Movies to Binge Watch in Self-isolation

If we are going to spend our weeks in self-isolation why not make it worth remembering? Sure, we can’t plan a movie night with friends or even imagine heading over to movie theaters to watch a good movie with our partner but that doesn’t mean we cannot have fun on our own! With a reliable internet connection, some popcorn or chicken nuggets (whatever is available) and a comfy couch we can have a self-treating moving night in “self-isolation.”

Before you zoomers switch on to a different blog to find worth-watching movies on Netflix, know that we have Netflix-inspired movie options in this blog as well. 

So have a read below to know which of the movies you need to watch before the quarantine days get over.

Oh wait, but before we get into recommending the movies here’s a little detail about the reliable internet connection we talked about earlier:

You cannot have a peaceful movie night if you do not have a stable internet connection at your home. Your Netflix streaming will lag and your movie will take days to complete downloading with a poor internet connection. Therefore, you need to invest your money into having a fast internet connection in your house.

If you are living in the United States, the good news is that Spectrum Internet offers reliable internet connection in 40+ states. So for awesome movie watching or uninterrupted Netflix and chill night get in touch with spectrum internet español and have the best internet package for your household.

Well now that we know which internet is recommended for a classic movie night let’s jump into the movie recommendations:

Legally Blonde

Well, who else has to teach us on how to get back on track under unfortunate times than Elle Woods? Of course, winning back an ex-fiancé and keeping sanity during a global pandemic are not the same things, but the sentiments are relatable and real.

In the movie when Warner, ex-fiancé of Elle, dumps her, she finds herself into crisis. Her life does not go well and encounters with things she never expected to deal with. At this point, she gets herself a place at Harvard Law School where Warner is studying. And from there begins the journey of winning back what was yours. 

Harry Potter and fantasy worlds

For the true Harry Potter fans, movie series cannot do better than this. The eight-part series they believe is a pure depiction of epicness, and we have to agree.

So for them watching, the series all over again isn’t a big of a deal because they were wishing for a time like this when they were equipped with normal life chores.

But if you haven’t watched any series of Harry Potter yet then this is the right time to finish watching all of them.

Crazy Stupid Love – Netflix

We all need a good laugh right now, don’t we? Since the whole pandemic and lockdown, it is getting hard to constantly feed yourself with positivity. If you are finding it hard to distract your mind from negative thoughts and drowning yourself in anxiety and stress then this movie is just the thing you need.

The fun family comedy movie, Crazy Stupid Love, has Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrel, and that is what we all were cheering for.

You might have some laughter fits so we recommend you keep some tissues for the laughter tears.

Clueless – Netflix

All the women out there, are you looking for some good female-centric content to keep your mind distracted from stressful thoughts? Well, clueless is what we recommend.

The classic Netflix movie is full of comedy, romance and too much fun. This movie is something we suggest to binge-watch with your female gang via Netflix Party or enjoy it all by yourself.


Closing the list down with better laugh choices. Trevor Noah, Son of Patricia is an imminent tour to stand-up events and life events of Trevor Noah. The hilarity of the movie will leave you gasping for air. 


So here’s what you don’t know about the self-isolation period; it gives you plenty of time to watch movies. We have listed down some awesome movies for you to make your quarantine mode super-awesome.