Towing service then and now:

The invention of something happens when there is a need for that thing. The same thing with Towing service [บริการรถลากจูง, which is the term in Thai] happens when cars were invented, the towing trucks was also invented in order to react in certain unpleasant situation. In past years when any damage or accident of vehicle happens, they use Chain and hook trucks wrap up all the damage. Chain and hook technique also use nowadays, but people usually not prefer them, as this technique to tow a vehicle is bit risky. Now many secure alternates have been introduced with technological advancement. Wheel lifting device or flatbed trucks are introduced in order to avoid the damage and to transport your property quickly and safely. Every vehicle requires different solution to move them light flatbed trucks electric cables that help to pull up the car easily without the risk of damage

Towing service then in 1916:

Towing trucks for invented and 1916 by a grudge worker who actually pays detail eyes on the issue of transporting or pulling the vehicle from one place to another. In order to pull the vehicle a lot of strength is required and takes almost 7 to 8 men and if it comes to tow a heavy weighted object it takes much more effort and this is also very time consuming. For this need the invention of towing trucks came into being.

Cost bear on towing service:

The actual cost bear on towing service differs from vehicle to vehicle and the equipment used to tow the object. It also depends on distance of destination for local destination of almost 5 miles take 20$ but towing service provider uses flatbed trucks as per your requirement they might charge you 55$ of 5 to 10 mile. Whereas Slide-on car service [รถสไลด์รับจ้าง, which is the term in Thai], hookup service or wheel lifting cost varies accordingly.