What Are The Trends In Floors?

Your floors are an important part of your home. They are present at all times, with each space or room having different needs.

Floor trends usually remain for some time. These congregate different characteristics among which we can find in laminate and PVC floors. In the flooring market, there are different trends to inspire you in choosing your floor for your next remodeling project.


Your flat is a very important part of the home, and the style chosen should be carefully considered. The latest floor trends can help you choose the best for your home. Currently, the market is turning to use more natural colors. The finishes and textures that assimilate natural woods with more tobacco tones predominate, though the use of light floors between white and gray also remains in force. Additionally, on laminated floors, long format tables are being used quite a lot. This allows the decoration of the spaces to be more elegant and exclusive.

On the other hand, there are SPC floors. A floor that is resistant to moisture, with good wear resistance. In addition to this, the SPC has better dimensional stability. This means that it reacts much less to changes — ambient conditions such as temperature or humidity.

In decoration and interior design, it is vital that your floors look the best. Laminated floors, PVC and affordable wooden look vinyl tile (กระเบื้อง ยาง ลายไม้ ราคา ถูก, which is the term in Thai) are very accessible, clean in its design and with great variety in all the models.


One of the most critical moments in interior decoration is the choice, in addition to the installation of both interior and exterior floors of our workspace. They add a touch of personality and essence to your home, depending on the design and material you choose.