Which gold bullion brands are the best?

Whether you are in the market to buy new gold bullion or selling the gold that you have, it is important to conduct some thorough research to find out what gold dealers regard as the best brand. Having gold bullion with a reputable and sought-after brand can make so much of a difference in the price a bullion dealer would offer. Let’s take a brief rundown on which brands these are:

Hallmarks and stamping

Bullion bars which are mostly bought for investment purposes usually carry a mark and stamps from the refinery that made them. Here are some of the best and most trusted bullion bar brands out there: 

  • Perth Mint
  • PAMP Suisse
  • Valcambi Credit Suisse
  • Argor-Heraeus
  • Royal Canadian Mint

Bullion dealers absolutely love these brands. They are considered to be the best quality brands out there. 

Perth Mint

The best bullion products in Australia are manufactured by Perth Mint which has also been in charge of producing the country’s coinage for years. Perth Mint produces .9999 gold bullion bars and a couple of other gold and bullion products. The bars are available in increments of 1-ounce to 10-ounce bars. Perth Mint bars are known for their elegant design as much as they are known for their purity. A bullion dealer will buy or sell these in attractive packaging with assay certificates included. 

PAMP Suisse

This is one of the most famous brands to come out of Switzerland. PAMP bars are high-quality bars and owning them guarantees that you will always have gold bullion from a brand that has had a long history of quality and sustained demand. 

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is another brand that is produced in a country known for producing high-quality products. Everyone associates the best with Switzerland. Credit Suisse bullion bars are manufactured by Valcambi for Credit Suisse bank. These bars come in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Valcambi-Suisse also produces the combibar which is essentially a gold bar sold in incremental pieces. 

Royal Canadian Mint

The Canadian maple leaf is one of the most famous and arguably the purest gold bullion coin in the world. Whilst most mints aspire to produce gold bullion that is 99.99% fine, the royal Canadian mint has managed to do more than that. It is the only mint that was able to produce gold bullion with a fineness of .99999, just a fraction away from creating the perfectly elusive 100% pure gold. The Royal Canadian mint is a government mint that produces legal tender gold bullion coins and high-quality gold bullion bars. 

Last but not least is Argor-Heraeus, another Swiss bullion brand that produces unique, quality gold bars, with a wide range of sizes. 

These brands are often priced higher than any other brands produced by various refineries. If you want to make sure that you get the best return, you should consider buying any of these brands. This does not mean gold produced by private mints is of a lower quality or cheap, it’s that most private mints don’t subscribe to any quality standards. The refineries listed above all subscribe to the LBMA’s “Good Delivery List”, so you can be sure of quality.