It could be a struggle for most people to make others recognize them. On the other hand, some people can register their presence as soon as they enter the room. If you are amongst the first type, then you might be looking for a solution right now. Getting recognized by people does not only boost your self-confidence, it also helps you in becoming more successful. Yes it is a fact that the more confident you are, the better your chances at job or business or whatever you do.

How to get recognized

The thing that plays the key part in getting you recognized anywhere is nothing but your appearance. Yes, you must look good. You do not have to be born beautiful or cute to look handsome or look good. All you need is just a good guidance.

How to look good

You should hit a gym. Yes, everyone knows it, but not everyone does it. You may call it laziness or whatever you like, but most people keep thinking about going to a gym but never do it. If you want to look good, you must be in good shape.

The second thing is to choose clothes that fit your body. No matter if you are fat or slim, there are always clothes that would fit you. All you have to do is find the ones that do.

How to get recognized without even being seen

You should register your presence with a unique fragrance. Just get yourself a great Perfume[น้ำหอม, which is the term in Thai]. Research a little and get yourself a unique fragrance that is not easy to find around. If you do that, people would remember you just with the way you smell.

Anytime the fragrance hits their nose; they would know it is you. If you want to make people recognize you wherever you go, start today.