Tips for Picking The Best of Flower Girl Dresses For Your Girl

Flower girls might not be an essential to every wedding, but what wedding isn’t improved by their touch of innocence? In fact, flower girls are supposed to be symbolic of youth and change as they lead the bride forward atop flower petals to show the change from the roles of childhood and youth to that of mother and partner. As such an important member of a bridal party, choosing the perfect flower girl dress is worthy of some good consideration. Consider the following key tips for picking the best of flower girl dresses for your girl:

Tips for Picking the Best of Flower Girl Dresses

  • Color and style first. There are a ton of different colors and styles of flower girl dressesto choose from and so it’s best to have an idea of what color and style you’re looking for before you get started shopping. There are three different tacts that brides will choose overall. They will first opt for a white or ivory color and style that mirrors the bride’s own wedding dress (harkening back to that symbolism), or choose something that is similar in hue and style to the bridesmaids’ dresses, or allow the family of the flower girl to choose for themselves. There’s no wrong answer here, but choosing a specific look and style will help ease the process considerably.
  • Pick the right length for her age and plan for growth. Flower girls will typically be between the ages of 3 and 8, and are known for growing quickly! If you are buying a flower girl dress six months or more in advance, go a size bigger. Then, a week or two before the wedding go to your local seamstress or tailor to have them make any alterations if necessary. When it comes to length, a good rule of thumb is tea-length for 3 to 5-year-olds and floor-length for 6 to 8-year-olds. The longer length gowns are more formal and elegant but tend to be a tripping hazard when worn by younger aged girls.
  • Fabric choice has an important role. While matching the aesthetic of the wedding is a foremost concern, picking a comfortable and durable fabric should be prioritized before all else when finalizing the choice of flower girl dresses. After all, the last thing you want is your flower girl scratching herself while she’s leading you down the aisle! Stay away from any heavy, itchy, or otherwise stiff materials. Likewise, silk flower girl dressesare often a poor choice due to it being prone to tearing. Organza, tulle, and chiffon are much better choices that offer flexibility while likewise fitting more formal (and informal) wedding aesthetics.

Now that you know the basics, check in with the parents of your flower girl and see if they have any ideas or thoughts they want to add to the process. Then, it’s time to go off and find that perfect flower girl dress to compliment your wedding party!