Brush Up Your Skills to Master the Art of Rummy!

Are you passionate about playing rummy? Are you willing to master the art of the game to become an expert? Well, to play rummy like a pro, you need to have extensive knowledge about the rules along with some tips and techniques. Once you start gaining experience over these, i.e., knowing when and how to make a move, you can increase your joy of gaming by many folds. Now the question arises – “how to brush up rummy skills?” Well, to taste the flavour of success and gain victory over your opponents in every game, you need to make wise use of tips and tricks. So, let’s just go ahead and find out:

  • Trick #1 – Examine the Cards in Hands

Before you learn the method of cards examining, make sure, you have a to z knowledge about the cards you are playing with, i.e., what are face value cards, what is the use of Joker, etc. Only then, you will become capable of playing with your cards in hand and your opponent’s cards as well. To examine your opponent’s card won’t be easy at the start, but with constant practising, you can surely mark the success. To do this, it’s very crucial to have a vigilant eye over your opponent’s cards, i.e., what cards they are discarding. Doing so, you will get an idea of your opponent’s cards and accordingly, you will drop your cards; keeping in mind that you don’t have to end up benefiting them. So, learn the importance of this technique and wisely implement in your game.

  • Trick #2 – Make Wise Use of the Joker Card

Do you know any card that is close to the Joker Card can be a game-changer in rummy? Usually, players don’t use the Joker Card to form a pure sequence. The reason is that in rummy, the Joker Card is only used as a trump card to form a sequence, which is impure. If you receive a Wild Card Joker, try to discard those cards that are close to this card. For Instance, if you receive 8♣ as a Wild Joker, then discard the cards that are closer to 5♣, 6♣, 7♣, and 9♣.  Ultimately, your opponent will not waste their Joker Card to form a sequence with it. But watch the cards your opponent picks up before implementing this technique. This is another exclusive technique, mostly used by expert rummy players to trick their opponent/s to not to pick up the cards that you have discarded.

  • Trick #3 – Trick Your Opponent to Use High-Value Cards

Usually while playing rummy, beginners keep holding high-value cards with them. On the contrary, expert players discard these cards as soon as they realize that these cards are of no use in the game. What will happen? In case, if their opponent/s calls it a quit, they may win with a great margin.  Vice-versa, if their opponent declares the game, they will lose the game with minimal margin. So, they thoroughly practice this technique of throwing cards of high value at the start of the game itself.  You too can develop a habit of discarding cards that are of high value – Ace, King, Queen, and the Jack. This will help you keep your score minimal.

To Conclude

Rummy is a skill game that is based on numbers. Except for dealing with numbers, you have to play certain tricks to stay ahead of your opponents. The tricks that we have mentioned above are one of the best tricks you need to learn sooner to increase your odds of winning. So, next time when you play rummy, make sure you implement them in your game. Also, keep learning new tricks from other rummy experts that you may experience during the game.